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Efficient Stump Removal in Brentwood, NH

Most new projects require the land to be cleared of trees and stumps.  Having the proper equipment to get into tight places is key in doing residencial work.  We will remove your stump and its main root structure, fill the hole and compact it properly, and then remove all chips, damage, and related debris. Once the stumps are gone, the ground will be clear for whatever project you'd like to carry out on the land. Contact us to learn more about our stump removal service!

Stump Removal

Pulling the stumps after your clearing/logging operation is the first step towards having a clean slate to start your next project. The roots are still present as well, so digging around these areas is very hard to do by hand and renting equipment to pull stumps on your own is not a good idea if you are inexperienced. Pulling stumps is often dangerous and requires specific machinery. Call Clay's Brush Stump & Tree Removal and rely on the professionals!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is sometimes your only solution and is thought to be the easiest way to rid your yard of the butt end of a tree, but it's not without its future problems. At Clay's Brush Stump & Tree, we have the experience and skill required to do the job right. We grind the stumps carefully and make sure to take care of all of the chips that result from the process. Others may leave heavy piles of chips and dirt behind after they are done, but rest assured, we do not.

Stump Removal, Brentwood, NH

The Dangers of Burying Stumps

After the chips and debris have been picked up, the stump still requires covering, and the main body of the stump often is left behind to rot under the ground. This rotting stump will cause depressions and even sinkholes, resulting in dangerous uneven areas in your yard.

Any time you complete residential work, you would be required to disclose that there are stumps buried on the property, and this may even cause issues if you are looking to sell your home. It is also illegal to bury stumps in some areas. Trust our team to safely remove and repurpose them (as power plant fuel), saving you plenty of hassle in the long run.