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General Yard Work and Hydroseeding in Brentwood, NH

Clay's Brush Stump & Tree Removal LLC performs any number of general yard work and hydroseeding in Brentwood, NH services. From hydroseeding to installing flat stone walls and from driveways to retaining walls, our team completes each job with the courtesy and skill for which we are known.


Grow your lawn quickly by hydroseeding. A mix of paper mulch, 19-19-19 fertilizer, seed, and water, hydroseed is mixed up hydraulically and sprayed, ensuring an even grass bed. If the temperature is above 50 degrees all day, the grass will germinate in as little as 7 to 10 days. Remember to water the lawn regularly and re-fertilize at the first sign of yellow or red tints.

Power Raking

Whether you need a new driveway, a lawn installed or repaired, or just general yard work, give us a call. We use a Harley Power Rake, which is equipped with a spinning drum to grade earth and pull rocks from the soil at depths of up to 6 inches. Contact us today to learn more about hydroseeding and general yard work services!