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 Often your first step to acomplish your project 
Land Clearing and Brush Cutting is made easy with an excavator mounted US Mower 

Brush is Mulched as its cut to minimize debres - Cuts Brush up to 5 inch diameter trees and brush

Below are some examples of  brush and cut Brush

After the brush is mulched  a cleanup for a new lawn! 

You can leave the chips  for a natural look and help prevent a quick return of nuisance brush 

Rubber Tracked Excavator with Mower Attachment Up Close Mulching Mower  Road side and Driveway Brush Removal 
excavator mounted brush mower Brush Mowing Road side cutting
Cutting lite trees into mulch  Orchard Re-Claimation Selective brush cutting in a residencial yard
tree and brush clearing Orchard brush